Real Credits...

Wheaties • DDB/Needham
"We shot five interviews, expecting to get at most, three airable spots. Thanks to Hidden Talents' TALENT for putting people at ease and bringing out the best in them, we walked away with five spots. What do you do for an encore?"

Brad Kimmelman, Producer
Grey Advertising
Saturday Night Live Trivial Pursuit • Arnold Worldwide
Lincoln Mercury • Young & Rubicam
Smoking Prevention • Young & Rubicam
Salvation Army/911 Real Campaign • Young & Rubicam
Puffs Tissues • N.W. Ayer
Folgers Crystals • N.W. Ayer
E.P.T. • J. Walter Thompson
Ragu • J. Walter Thompson Kidney Patient Outreach • McCann Erikson
Kodak • J. Walter Thompson GM Credit Card • McCann Erikson
The US Marines • J. Walter Thompson I Love New York • McCann Erikson
Oscar Mayer • J. Walter Thompson Charles SchwabBBDO • Ogilvy & Mather Disney Lion King • Kresser/Craig
Kotex Pantiliners • Ogilvy & Mather Alka Seltzer Plus • Wells, Rich, Greene
Maalox • Grey Advertising Ad Council • Wells, Rich, Greene
Slimfast • Grey Advertising People's Bank • T.B.W.A. Chiat Day
Poligrip • Grey Worldwide Vicks 44 • D'Arcy Massius Benton Bowels
Poligrip • Publicis Penzoil • Eisaman, Johns & Laws
Garden Ridge Stores • Publicis Man-On-The-Street Consumer Perception Interviews • Cline, Davis & Mann
Home Depot • The Richards Group
AT&T • N.W. Ayer Ad Council • Welsl, Rich & Greene • Scripps Productions
AT&T • FCB/Leber Katz Partners  
AT&T • The Bravo Group  
AT&T • McCann Erikson  


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