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Real Experts in the art of conceiving, casting and directing real people testimonial campaigns...

Hidden Talents is the place leading advertising agencies, TV networks, production companies and other businesses turn when the job calls for creating, casting and directing real people testimonial campaigns.

With Reality TV all the rage, more and more firms are harnessing the compelling power of using real people as a way of breaking through--to sell a product, a service, a program, even an idea or a candidate. And when they do, they call on Hidden Talents to bring those real people testimonials to life--on TV, radio, the internet, in print--and in the boardroom.

At Hidden Talents, we've spent years perfecting the fine art of finding...casting...and directing real people--to bring out their best. The result is real advertising, real promotions, real stories, that ring true--stories told first-hand, person-to-person, that can move and motivate. No matter what the storyboard requires, no one is better at making it real.

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